Indian Sandstone Patios


When it comes to patio paving in Nuneaton, there is a wide range of options that are available. You could choose to have patio paving with standard block paving, cobble stones, garden paving, flagstones, Indian sandstone, natural stone, porcelain, granite or York stone.

Why Choose Natural Stone For A Patio?

With twice the strength of natural stone, it makes them the best choice as a tough, long-lasting material to use on your garden or patio area. Natural Stone does not deteriorate with weathering and erosion. In fact, certain types of stone improve over time. In addition, the color of stone doesn’t fade on it. The most it will ever need is a wash down and its back to normal again.

In fact, some patios have been relaid 2 or 3 times in a lifetime and still be using the same natural stone like York stone, granite or natural stone. Don’t get confused by what appears to be natural stone from large suppliers. Unless it specifically states natural stone on the product, it is not!

Indian Sandstone

You can visit companies like Marshalls Paving to see the initiation stone and the range of natural stone they have sourced for sale on there website. The price is more expensive but lets face it, the imitation stuff will fade, wear down, crack and eventually need replacing in the patio like anything else. Natural stone will be there long after everything is faded and broken.

Great in Any Weather

Have you ever walked barefoot on a patio only to find that its surface was scorching hot? You don’t have to worry about that summertime nuisance when you use natural stone patios on your patio in Nuneaton. There are is no metal content in stone pavers, so they don’t conduct heat the way other materials do. And when it rains or your patio becomes wet with pool water, you won’t have to worry. The surface of stone pavers is naturally non-slip, as it has a high friction co-efficient.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other types of manufactured patio paving, natural stone requires almost no upkeep. Instead of spending your free time cleaning your patio, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor living space in Nuneaton when you have natural stone installed. In addition, you won’t have to worry about ugly stains being a blight on your stone patio—stone pavers don’t absorb stains the way other paving materials do.

Slabbing Patios

If you’re looking for an aesthetically-pleasing and long-lasting material to build your new patio with, stone pavers may be a good choice for you. Consider natural stone made of travertine, marble, or limestone. These are all-natural stone materials suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor building projects. Needing help with a patio in Nuneaton, you can easily call a skilled patio and garden contractor like to get a free quote on having a new patio built.

Patios Increase the Value of Your Home

No doubt about it, outdoor entertaining areas can add a significant value to your home. Making it an outdoor “living room”, imagine an oasis out the back of your home increasing your joy and adding monetary value to your home.

Patios Can Extend Your Living Area

Summers can sometimes get cramped at home with kids home from schools and parents taking holiday, adding a patio to your home can help extend your living space and help make your home seem bigger. You can add some outdoor features like sand pits and trampolines to give kids more play options in the patio area.

Indian Sandstone Patio

Patios Can Help You Entertain More

Summer usually means entertainment, barbecues and social events with lots of time with friends and family. Patio installation is one way of making your home the place to entertain. Make the most of the outdoors with an additional space. ALways ensure to get rid of any patio excess by using properly assigned recycling centers.

Patios Are Low Maintenance

As far as cleaning and maintaining goes, patios are relatively easy to keep clean. During the summer you won’t have to extend extra effort to keep your space clean because pairs are made to withstand tough weather, and made with the best products available.

Garden Paving

Patios Can Help You Enjoy the Outdoors Without Heat

Patios are a great option to keep you and your family protected from the summer sun in Nuneaton. Patio furniture and other belongings you put out there for extra storage are protected against the sun so you can feel free to entertain more.