Carport – a Cheap Protection for Your Car

Carport is a simple construction that can be used not only for the car, but also as additional storage for garden equipment, drying and storing wood and the like. The easiest way is to buy a ready-made kit and then assemble it.

Suitable Materials

The material is suitable to adapt to the style of the house. It is necessary to remember that wood will require regular maintenance compared to the aluminum structure, which is cheaper and easier, but the wood looks more natural. Most often, wooden or aluminum structures are available, the installation of which is so easy that any DIY enthusiast can handle it. The building does not require extensive intervention in the surroundings of the house and is a suitable solution even to a smaller garden.

Where to place your Carport

No matter the purpose of the carport, always think carefully about the location. The place should be ideally protected from the wind. Parking for the car should be within reach of the driveway and house, a shelter for garden utensils should be placed in the garden or near it.

Another criterion for choosing a place is enough space for construction. The fundamental question is how many vehicles will be built. The standard length of the shelter for one car is 5 meters, width 3 meters and height 2.8 meters. It is always good to think of a reserve, which should be approximately 1 meter in length and width. Under the shelter you will also be able to store a bike, a lawnmower and other tools.

It is also important to check with your local council, whether you need a building permission or not.



Caring about your Carport

Based on the material chosen for your carport, pretty much the only maintenance required is the regular checking of your gutters and roof, which can be easily carried out by a professional roofing contractor.


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