How To Get Rid Of Weeds In Your Garden

How to get rid of weeds

You can get rid of weeds with the help of common chemical means, however, it will have an adverse effect on soil and crops. Some natural weapons can help in the fight against weeds, thanks to which you will win over weed supremacy without heavy use of chemicals.

How does weed hurt?

– is the bearer or host of diseases – most often fungal (they cause the strut of fruits, rot of whole plants, etc.) and viral (manifested by a change in the color of certain parts of plants, leaves and flowers deform, growth slows down, seeds germinate).

– weeds dry the soil – on average it consumes twice as much water as cultivated plants, allowing for greater suction capacity of its roots, deeper roots and a richly branched root system or tread. This makes it more intensively taking water from the soil.

– increases the labor in the garden − the disposal or regulation of the presence of weeds usually weighs quite time and physically, so try to suppress them as soon as possible to the tolerable measure.

Prevention of weed growth:

– Use pure seed without weed seeds, especially when sowing the lawn and green fertilization.

– Prevent weed roots from growing from the next plot by under concrete the fence or releasing a thicker foil into the soil.

– Prevent the already growing weeds from ripening its seeds and to become seeded (by early mowing, ripping, cultivation).

To remove weeds:

Regular cultivation of the soil – here are assisted hoe, spade and manual or motor cultivators. In such a desirable way, you will affect the structure of the soil, protect it from excessive drying of deeper layers, and of course discard the grown weeds.

Mulching – young, not seeding, but not even permanent weeds manually rip out and store as a green mulch between the rows of cultivated plants; helps maintain soil moisture, helps to reproduce soil bacteria and raindrops, and after burying will increase the amount of hummus-forming components in the soil. In this way, you can also use the covered grass or plants from other areas or green fertilization elsewhere. As a mulch, you can also use mature or semi-mature seedless compost.

A good mulch is mopped straw, you just have to count on the fact that it is taken from the soil during its decomposition, which you must then supply to the soil so that you do not cheat on it cultivated plants. Around ornamental plants is often mulched with a crushed bark, which, due to rain or irrigation, releases even on weeds herbicide-acting substances, therefore it is more often used to mulch trees, which are more resistant.

Chemistry – weapons become herbicides, most preparations are in the form of spraying or foam and therefore are applied with the help of garden sprayers. That’s how they get to where they need to be.

To DIY or Not

Most of the weed maintenance you can easily handle yourself as its more time consuming than labour intensive however certain types of work you really should hire a professional for. For natural stone patio areas and block paving on driveways, always get an expert opinion on the best way to proceed. A block paving installer can give you advice on the best way to approach your block paving or handle the work for you saving you time, effort and ensuring the work is done correctly.

Other Places For Weeds

Funnily enough, another place where weeds can start growing is actually on the roof! Yeah i know, strange… In fact, it is actually very common and easily verified if you ever happen to inspect your guttering system on the roof. Moss and algae starts to build up on the roofing tiles (normally slate tiles), rain hits the roof and this causes the algae and moss to move into the gutter system.

The moss and algae builds up into a nice bed for grass seeds which pollinate to land in and presto…. You have weeds on your roof! I have personally seen an accidental grass roof before due to it. A grass roof can be on purpose but this is normally always on a flat roof which is specially cultivated for that purpose.

This is why when you are performing general maintenance outdoors, you should always include your roof and house into the equation. We do understand however, that not everyone is going to be comfortable climbing up on a ladder to do that. This is why you should hire a roofer who provides this service. Roofers like TC Roofers are expert roofing contractors who do repairs, cleaning and maintenance for County Dublin in Ireland.

If you are however DIY inclined and do not mind climbing on a ladder, you can learn more about roofing algae and moss here to better understand how to get it cleaned off. We hope this guide has helped you with performing some light maintenance around your home. A little work which brings a big result.